Information on Co-registration at the PLUS


A co-registration at the PLUS allows you to take courses, which are not offered at your primary university. The completion of a study program is not possible during a co-registration.  

According to §63 (9) of the University Law 2002, sitting exams in a study program at a university other than the primary university is permitted if 

  1. It is stated in the curriculum of a joint study program
  2. The responsible office for student’s affairs confirms the participation and sitting of the exam, because the respective exam is not offered at the primary university or 
  3. If the exam is taken as part of the digitalisation process, i.e. in online study programs 

If you consider co-registering at the PLUS, please fill out the form and confirmation according to point 2 (see above). You have to get a confirmation by the head of your studies approving the co-registration for a specific exam. You will be allowed to sit the exams specifically listed on the confirmation.  


Another option to sit exams at the PLUS is to enrol for an additional study program. You have to apply for admission for this program, as according to §63 (8) of the University Law 2002, the enrolment for the same study program at different universities at the same time within Austria is illegal.  

The appointment for the personal enrolment has to be made before September 5 (winter semester) or February 5 (summer semester) at the Office of Admissions. Please bring the following documents:  

  • The abovementioned confirmation by your university/Head of studies 
  • Pass or ID-Card 
  • E-Card 
  • The current study sheet by your primary university  
  • All documents relevant for your primary enrolment (secondary school certificate, degree completion certificate). Please note that the required registration criteria for each course (especially courses with compulsory attendance) have to be fulfilled as well 

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