Laufende Dissertationen (Arbeitstitel)

Argentin, Anne-Laure: Simulating the influence of landslides on rivers and the formation of landslide-dammed lakes.
PhD in the RiCoLa project, with Günther Prasicek and Daniel Hölbling, under the supervision of Jörg Robl and Günther Prasicek. The project website:

Chang, Ruihong: From accretionary to collisional orogeny: the tectonic evolution of the Austroalpine basement in the Eastern Alps Mothwurf, Ewald: South Alpine Conglomerates formed in late Miocene, Betreuer: em.Prof. Dr. Franz Neubauer/ Dr. Johann Genser

Liebl, Moritz: Elevated low relief landscapes in mountain belts: Active tectonics or glacial reshaping? The Eastern Alps as natural laboratory. Betreut von Prof. Jörg Robl.

Frings, Kevin: SANDS Projekt – Single Grain Age Distribution in Thermochronological Samples – implications on exhumation rate and sequence of the Swiss Molasse Basin.