• The ordering or borrowing modalities depend on the location of the book:
    Please log in to  UBsearch with your library account.
    Search for the desired copy/medium (e.g. by author/title/keyword).
    Under “Holdings” you can see the location of the respective book.
  • Books from the holdings of the main library:
    After logging into  UBsearch, the books/media are to be researched and ordered via the link “Order/Prebook” (see Order Options).
    After ordering, please wait for the provisioning e-mail. Only then will the ordered media be ready for you to pick up.
    After you have received the delivery e-mail, you can pick up the books at the circulation desk of the main library (Hofstallgasse 2-4, 5020 Salzburg) – see opening hours.
  • Books from the following locations can be taken from the shelves and borrowed during opening hours at the information desk of the respective location – location overview:
    – FB Classical Studies
    – FB Social Sciences
    – FB Itzling
    – FB Natural Sciences
    – FB Philosophy KGW (please order holdings from Philosophy KTH via UBsearch)
    – FB Law TT/FSH
    – FB Sports and Exercise Sciences
    – FB Unipark
    • Example of a borrowing process:
      > Research UBsearch
      > the desired book is located in FB Unipark
      > independently take out the book from the shelf in FB Unipark
      > borrowing at the information desk of FB Unipark.
  • Please note:
    Until further notice, ordering of TB3 media is only possible via  UBsearch.
    After receipt of the provisioning email, the book can be picked up at the circulation desk of the main library (Hofstallgasse 2-4, 5020 Salzburg).