• Book drop
    For the contactless return of media, a book drop is available for all three locations at the Old History (1st floor, foyer).
    Accessibility to the book drop is linked to the opening hours of the respective location.
  • All three locations:
    Lockable wardrobe lockers
  • Classical Philology:
    Uniflow multifunctional device (copier/printer/scanner)
    Book scanner (max. DIN A3)
    26 workstations (incl. PC workstations)
  • Archaeology:
    Uniflow multifunctional device (copier/printer/scanner) in front of the library
    30 workstations (incl. PC workstations)
  • Ancient History:
    Uniflow multifunctional device (copier/printer/scanner)
    22 workstations (incl. PC workstations)