As part of the program “Developing a Theology of Interreligious Dialogue from a Jewish-Christian Perspective”, we and our employees pursue the following projects:
  • Individual research projects of our (post)docs (please click on the business cards of the employees for details)
  • Interdisciplinary research project of the Theological Excellence Programme in the academic year 2023/24: “Plausibility research: How do scientific and religious-cultural plausibilities arise, how do they change?”
  • International Network of Young Researchers in Jewish-Christian Dialogue
  •  International Scholar Group “Christ Jesus the Jew” (cooperation with St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia; Boston College; Cardinal Bea Center, Gregoriana Rome)
  • Conferences (international research group on Jewish-Christian dialogue;  ICCJ Annual Meeting in Salzburg 2024)
  • Commission work:  Discussion group Jews and Christians at the ZdK; Commissions for Religious Relations with Judaism: DBK, Vatican)
  • Awarding of the Seelisberg Prize in cooperation with ICCJ