Network of Young Scholars in Jewish Christian Dialogue

Das Nachwuchsnetzwerk

The Network of Young Scholars in Jewish-Christian Dialogue is an international network of young Jewish and Christian (Catholic and Protestant) scholars from various universities in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, the UK and the USA. The network was launched in July 2021. Within the framework of bi-monthly online meetings and a joint annual conference in Salzburg, work is done on various topics of Jewish-Christian dialogue. At the same time, the dissertation and habilitation projects of the individual participants from the various theological and religious studies disciplines are included and discussed.


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Annual Meeting Salzburg 2023

The second annual meeting of our Network took place in July 2023. After an intense online working year we had the chance to talk again in person. Our meeting focused on both academic and personal exchange. Part of our meeting were three workshops on “Construction of Identities. Who can speak on behalf of whom?”, “Zionism, Anti-Zionism and the question of the land in Judaism, Christianity and dialogue”, as well as “Questions of Scripture and exegesis in dialogue”. These topics will be published as papers in the 2024 issue of the journal Crosscultural Studies of Religion and Theology.

Annual Meeting 2023

Panel: Discourses on (Trans-)Gender in Christianity and Judaism (May 3rd 2023)

On May 3rd 2023 Rabbi Tyson Herberger, Associate Professor of Religion and Religious Education at the University of South-Eastern Norway and member of the Network of Young Scholars in Jewish-Christian Dialogue discussed on the topic of (Trans-)Gender in Christianity and Judaism with Prof. Kerstin Schlögl-Flierl, Professor of Moral Theology at the University of Augsburg and member of the German Ethics Council. The panel was moderated by Hannah Judith.

The way religions deal with gender issues and transidentity is in demand as never before – and yet often seems precarious and conflictual to us. Which views from Judaism and Christianity can open up new perspectives here? Which discourses shape the question of gender and identity in the respective religions? Which theological traditions do the argumentations fall back on and how can we figure out new insights out of these traditions? And finally: What can Judaism and Christianity learn from each other in this complex of topics in favour of a genuine role as allies in society?

Annual Meeting Salzburg 2022

From August 29-31 2022 the first meeting of the “Network of Young Scholars in Jewish Christian Dialogue” took place at the Faculty of Catholic Theology of the University of Salzburg. 12 participants (doctoral candidates and post-docs) from the Universities of Salzburg, Lucerne, Giessen, Erlangen, Leipzig, Edinburgh as well as the Norwegian School of Theology, the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and the Academy for Jewish Religion (Yonkers, NY, USA) met after the first online working year at the University of Salzburg. This provided the opportunity for personal contacts as well as for intensive academic discourse.

The focus of the meeting was on 3 main workshops on the questions of neutrality in language and thought concepts of dialogue, the role and interpretation of scriptures in Judaism and Christianity as well as a dialogue hike on the Gaisberg – in bright sunshine (and fortunately enough shade) one Catholic, one Protestant and one Jewish document on Jewish-Christian dialogue were discussed each. The joint work enabled intensive interreligious (Jewish-Christian) as well as ecumenical (Catholic-Protestant) dialogue.

Special thanks go to the Department of Systematic Theology and the KHG Salzburg for their support and the provided working space.

Some Statements of the Participants

“For me, our three days of joint dialogue opened up a scientifically challenging and at the same time personal and trusting “thinking space”. I am grateful that we were able to work so freely together on theological controversies and open questions. I have received impulses to critically question myself and my theological positioning, but also to confidently and joyfully represent positions and to bring them into our many great discussions at eye level. Thanks to all of you!” (Hannah Judith, Universität Salzburg)

“Our first annual meeting was a special experience. When eating together, for example, you get to know each person’s life practice well. It’s great when academic and personal discourse come into an exchange.” (Elisabeth Höftberger, Universität Salzburg)

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