Name of collaborator / Institution / Research area

  • Pörtner, Ralf / Hamburg Technical University, Germany / Model-assisted control of bioprocesses, cell culture technology

  • Schubert, Mario / University of Salzburg, Austria / Protein-NMR, screening for post-translational modifications

  • Shah, Nilay / Imperial College London / Systems engineering; development of digital twins combining the process and –omics data

  • Takors, Ralf / University of Stuttgart, Germany / Bioprocess technology involving mammalian cells

  • Wuhrer, Manfred / University of Leiden, The Netherlands / Glycosylation of biotherapeutics


Advisory board member / Affiliation / Expertise

  • Dr. Matej Horvat / Novartis, LEK-Menges, Menges, Slovenia / Director Data Science, predictive analytics and modeling

  • Kohlbacher, Oliver / University of Tübingen, Germany / Computational proteomics and metabolomics in OpenMS, computer aided data evaluation, computational workflows

  • Dr. Urs Lohrig / Novartis TRD, Kundl, Austria / Lab head physicochemical characterization, global drug development

  • Dr. Silke Ruzek / Novartis TRD, Kundl, Austria / Head physicochemical characterization, global drug development

  • Dr. Koen Sandra / Research Institute of Chromatography, Kortrijk, Flanders, Belgium / Scientific Director at the Research Institute of Chromatography, offering commercial services for biopharmaceutical characterization under GMP conditions, including regulatory aspects. 

  • Dr. Martin Schiestl / Novartis, Vienna, Austria / Global Head Regulatory Affairs Policy at Sandoz, Quality by Design

  • Dr. Michael Thiele / Teva Biotech GmbH, Ulm, Germany / Head of Manufacturing, Science and Technology USP & DSP, Biologics Manufacturing & Supply Operations