– – – 18-01-2023 – – –

We are hiring!

PhD Position in Bioanalytics and Bioprocess Technology

Interested in joining a highly intersiciplinary research project in the area of bioprocessing, bioanalytics, and bioinformatics?

More information can be found here:  https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/59287

Department/Organisation: Department of Biosciences and Medical Biology, University of Salzburg

Application Deadline: 31/03/2023

Starting Date: 01/03/2023

– – – 18-12-2023 – – –

December 1, 2022 Kick-off DigiTherapeutX Meeting

The kick-off meeting of Integrated Digitalized Production of Protein Therapeutics: Linking Molecular Attributes to Process Optimization via Digital Twins (KFG 83 N) was held on Thursday, December 1, 2022 between 10:00 and 16:00, in the Dekanatssitzungssaal, Department of Biosciences & Medical Biology, University of Salzburg. The whole meeting was open for attendance to both the project members and the scientific advisory board members.

Group photo

Attendee Information

Members of DGTX Team Present (host)

  • Prof. Christian Huber (Chair)
  • Prof. Nikolaus Fortelny
  • Dr. Wolfgang Esser-Skala
  • Dr. Veronika Schäpertöns
  • PhD student Katharina Böttinger

Members of DGTX Team Present (guests)

  • Prof. Ruth Birner-Grünberger
  • Scientist Laura Liesinger
  • Prof. Christoph Herwig
  • Dr. Bence Kozma

Scientific Board Members Present (virtual)

  • Dr. Matej Horvat
  • Dr. Urs Lohrig
  • Dr. Michael Thiele

Scientific Board Members Absent

  • Dr. Silke Ruzek
  • Dr. Koen Sandra
  • Dr. Martin Schiestl
  • Prof. Oliver Kohlbacher

Meeting Agenda

Agenda photo