Protein expression in E. coli

  • New Brunswick Bioflo 410 Sterilizable-In-Place Fermentor with 10 L vessel
  • New Brunswick Innova 4230 refridgerated benchtop incubator shaker (2 units)
  • New Brunswick Innova 4000 benchtop incubator shaker

Chromatographic equipment

  • GE ÄKTA Purifier UPC 10
  • GE ÄKTA Prime Plus (2 units)
  • GE ÄKTA Prime (2 units)

Physico-chemical protein characterization

  • Jasco J-815 Circular dichroism spectropolarimeter with PTC-423S single position Peltier
  • Bruker TENSOR 27 FT-IR spectrometer
  • Hewlett Packard HPLC system
  • Viscotek TDA 302 triple detection array
  • Viscotek DLS 802
  • Waters quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer with electrospray ionizaiton

Microplate reader and washer

  • Tecan HydroFlex stripwasher
  • Tecan HydroSpeed platewasher with indexing wash-head
  • Tecan Infinite M200 microplate reader
  • Tecan Sunrise microplate reader
  • Tecan Genios mircoplate reader

Special equipment for immunological protein characterization

  • Phadia ImmunCAP 100
  • Flow cytometer BD FACS CANTO II

Tissue culture
Access to SPF animal facility