Bioanalytical Research Labs

Chemistry and Bioanalytics

The research focus of our working group regards the development of powerful analytical methods to answer biological questions in the field of proteomics and metabolomics.
Cellular materials are processed and their constituents of interest isolated for further determination. Analytical tools such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and capillary electrophoresis (CE) as well as spectrometric techniques – mainly mass spectrometry (MS) – are employed. The analysis of extremely small amounts of biomolecules in highly complex biological matrices is made possible by the coupling of miniaturized separation methods based on MS or by the application of multi-dimensional separation techniques.
The corresponding findings are used to determine toxic effects of drugs or are applied for medical diagnostics.
In our group, we also offer lectures and practical training in the field of general and analytical chemistry for all biological studies.

This group is a member of the priority programme  Allergy-Cancer-BioNano Research Centre of the University of Salzburg and the Austriand Science Fund (FWF), as well as the interational  doctoral college ICA.
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Huber is head of the  Christian Doppler Laboratory for Innovative Tools for Biosimilar Characterization at the Department of Biosciences.