Corporate Liablity
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Corporate Liability for Transboundary Environmental Harm – An International and Transnational Perspective

editors: Peter Gailhofer, David Krebs, Alexander Proelß, Kirsten Schmalenbach & Roda Verheyen

  • Book. Hardcover und Softcover 
  • 1st edition. 2023, XXVII, 640 p..; Springer. ISBN 978-3-031-13263-6 (Hardcover)
  • ISBN 978-3-031-13266-7 (Softcover)
  • e-ISBN (ebook): 978-3-031-13264-3
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Einband Internat. Umweltrecht 2. Auflage
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The textbook presents international environmental law in all its breadth and topicality. The first sections deal with cross-cutting issues that establish links to general international law. The following sections then analyse the protection and sustainable use of the individual environmental media. The team of authors brings together Germany’s leading experts in the field of international environmental law. The tetbook is aimed at students of law and political science as well as practitioners working in environmental authorities and organisations.

  • the only up-to-date presentation of international environmental law in the German language
  • includes references to European law
  • Book. Softcover
  • 2nd edition. 2022, XXXV, 620 p.; De Gruyter. ISBN 978-3-11-071191-2
  • e-ISBN (PDF): 978-3-11-071199-8; e-ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-11-071207-0
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The recent past has seen a rise in litigation seeking to hold specific private and public actors liable for their contribution to and impacts of climate change, with a relatively low success rate. This highlights the need for further research into the reasonable and just distribution of responsibility for mitigation and adaptation. This book unites renowned researchers from various disciplines to explore the challenges and opportunities of assigning responsibility and liability for climate change to specific actors. Thereby, the importance of interdisciplinary scientific dialogue on climate change is strengthened, and a new generation of jurists is to be provided with novel arguments for protecting our climate system.

  • “Climate change responsiblity and liability in international law” Schmalenbach/Pleiel, p 105 – 133
  • 1st Edition 2022, Nomos
  • Hardcover ISBN 978-3-8487-8707-4
  • eBook ISBN 978-3-7489-3099-0

With contributions by Christoph Bezemek, Wei Cao, Marcelo de Araujo, Oliver Dörr, Mastawesha M. Engdaw, Daniel Ennöckl, Judith Fitz, Michael Hanemann, Monika Hinteregger, Birgit Hollaus, Gottfried Kirchengast, Verena Madner, Lukas Meyer, Lydia A. Omuko-Jung, Julia Pleiel, Mareike Rumpf, Oliver Ruppel, Kirsten Schmalenbach, Gerhard Schnedl, Eva Schulev-Steindl, Jaap Spier, Andrea K. Steiner, Karl Steininger, Erika Wagner, Julia Wallner and Ke Zhou.

Foto Buch EUV-AEUV
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Calliess/Ruffert comments on the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. The European Charter of Fundamental Rights is also taken into account. The presentation follows the proven threefold structure in:

  • case law of the ECJ and practice of the other EU institutions
  • European legal literature and
  • own opinions

The focus is on the legal questions that arise in national legal practice in the Federal Republic of Germany. The case law of the national courts, including the decisions of the BVerfG, is therefore also covered. The fundamental debates about the EU continue: In addition to dealing with the consequences of Brexit and the Corona crisis, there is still a need for reforms in the euro area and in the area of migration and security policy. In the mirror of the academic debate, the authors deal with Union law and the related case law in a practical manner.

The 6th edition deals, among other things, with the effects of Brexit and the Corona pandemic as well as the BVerfG decision on the incompetence of the ECB’s decisions on the government bond purchase programme. The new edition incorporates the more extensive discussions as well as the case law that has been handed down in the meantime.

Edited by Prof. Dr. Christian Calliess, M.A.E.S. (Bruges), LL.M.Eur., and Prof. Dr. Matthias Ruffert. Co-Edited by Prof. Dr. Kirsten Schmalenbach, among others.


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With contributions by Prof. Dr. Kirsten Schmalenbach on the topics of “Responsibility and Liability” and “Peaceful Dispute Resolution”. Edited by Prof. Dr. Alexander Proelß.

This textbook on international environmental law presents the entire subject matter – including its references to European law. The first sections deal with cross-cutting issues that establish the links to international law. The following sections analyse the protection and sustainable use of the individual environmental media.

  • the only up-to-date presentation of international environmental law in the German language
  • including references to European law
  • 613 pages, softcover, ISBN: 978-3-11-024828-9
  • eBook:PDF ISBN 978-3-11-024829-6
  • EPUB ISBN 978-3-11-038506-9

Cover VCLT Commentary 2018
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In short, the present Commentary contains a comprehensive legal analysis of all aspects of the international law of treaties.Furthermore, where the law of treaties reaches into other fields of international law, e.g. the law of state responsibility, the relevant interfaces are discussed and contextualized. With its focus on international practice, the Commentary is an invaluable reference for both academia and practitioners of international law.“

The Commentary on the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties provides an in-depth article-by-article analysis of all of the Vienna Convention’s provisions. Each provision’s analysis consists of (I) Purpose and Function of the Article, (II) Historical Background with Negotiating History, (III) Elements of the Article and finally (IV) Treaties of International Organizations.