Course Description 

The MA  in Syriac Theology focusses on language, history and theology. The course offers comprehensive knowledge of the Syriac language, along with an overview of the other Aramaic dialects, enabling students to read, translate and comment on a variety of literary genre. Studying the history of Syriac Christianity, from its origins through its golden age and renaissance up to the modern day, students gain a thorough understanding of the past and present situation in the Middle East and the global diaspora. The significance of Syriac Theology becomes clear as the students gain insight into Syriac biblical commentaries, mystical liturgy, patristic texts and philosophy.

To understand today’s living Syriac tradition in its multi-cultural context requires know-how for practical application. The MA teaches skills to apply theological knowledge competently, for example in the areas of ecumenical and interreligious dialogue, as well as in canon law, pedagogy and pastoral care.

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