ܩܠܝܪܝܩܝܬܐ ܣܘܪܝܝܬܐ ܒܣܠܙܒܘܪܓ
Suryoye Theological Seminary Salzburg e.V.

The Syriac Orthodox college Beth Suryoye offers accommodation for students studying for the MA in Syriac Theology. Located centrally very close to both the university and the old city, complete with its own church and gardens, Beth Suryoye is ideal for study, reflection and shared living.  In addition to accommodation and meals the focus is on a spiritual communal life. The college also offers additional courses in the Syriac language, spirituality and liturgy. Students who have been accepted to study the MA in Syriac Theology are welcome to apply for accommodation in Beth Suryoye.

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