Admission Requirements

  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree, diploma programme or secondary school teacher accreditation programme with at least 180 ECTS points or of a relevant and equivalent programme at a recognised domestic, or international tertiary educational institution
  • Relevant work experience (ca. 2+ years)
  • Elementary Syriac – tested as part of the application process
  • Proof of English language proficiency: CEF (min. C1), IELTS Academic (min. 6.5), TOEFL IBT (min. 95) or equivalent level
  • Interview with course organisers

How to apply

To apply please email the documents below to:

1)       Letter of motivation
2)       Curriculum vitae
3)       School and academic certificates
4)       Language certificates
5)       Proof of work experience (ca. 2+ years)
6)       Passport

1)    Letter of motivation: The letter of motivation should tell us why you want to do the MA, and why you think you are suited to it. Include information about your knowledge of Syriac Theology and from where you gained this, and tell us what you plan to do after completing the course. Please also include brief information about your work experience to date.

2)    Curriculum vitae: Your CV should be in a tabular format and include full contact details, your educational and professional history, as well as your interests and skills.

3)    School and academic certificates: Please include a copy of your school leaving certificate (e.g. A level, Abitur etc.), B.A. and other academic certificates and transcripts of records.

4)    Language certificates:
       – English
CEF (min. C1), IELTS Academic (min. 6.5), TOEFL IBT (min. 95) or equivalent level.
       – Syriac
: The course will refer intensively to Syriac theological texts. Therefore, basic reading and understanding of the classical Syriac language is required. If you have not got a language certificate, please describe the level of your Syriac knowledge. Your knowledge will also be tested as part of the entrance interview.

5)    Proof of work experience: Please send a signed document from any previous employer / bishop or place of work detailing the length of time employed. This needs to be a minimum of ca. 2+ years.

6)    Passport: Please send us a certified copy of your valid passport as proof of identity.

General note

  • Please note that your application has to be submitted in English or German. Certificates and documents that are in other languages should be translated into English or German. Make sure that all your certificates, documents and the translations are certified (have an original stamp).
  • Once you are accepted and are in Salzburg, you will need to show the original documents (Bachelor’s degree, transcript of records, and passport).       
  • Visa: If you are not from the European Union, please keep in mind that getting a visa can take a long time. Therefore, apply as soon as you have received the” Letter of Acceptance” from the course administrator.