Please send your application to the address below including:

1)       Letter of motivation
2)       Curriculum vitae
3)       School and academic certificates
4)       Language certificates
5)       Passport

1)    Letter of motivation: The letter of motivation serves to indicate why you want to do the MAST, your suitability and eligibility.  Please inform us about your current knowledge of Syriac Theology and where you gained this information/experience, and refer to your career objectives after completing the MAST.

2)    Curriculum vitae: Your curriculum vitae in a tabular format should include full contact details and mention your family status (married, single, children), confession and church membership. Please also list your educational and professional history, as well as your interests, skills (computing skills, acquired skills), further languages, research projects and papers presented.

3)    School and academic certificates: Please include a copy of your A-Level certificate, B.A. and other academic certificates and transcripts of records.

4)    Language certificates – English:  The course will be taught in English and sufficient command of English is required. If you have not got a language certificate, please describe the level of your English.
Language certificates – Syriac: The course will refer intensively to Syriac theological texts. Therefore, basic reading and understanding of the classical Syriac language is required. If you have not got a language certificate, please describe the level of your Syriac knowledge.

5)    Passport:  Please send us a certified copy of your valid Passport as prove of your identity.

General note
°         Please note that your application has to be submitted in English or German. Certificates and documents that are in other languages should be translated into English or German.  Make sure that all your certificates, documents and the translations are certified (having an original stamp).
°         Do not send the original documents, but once you are accepted, then you will need to show the original documents (Bachelor’s degree, transcript of records, passport).
°         Visa: If you are not from the European Union, please keep in mind that the issuing of visa can take a long time. Therefore, apply as soon as you have received a Letter of Acceptance from us.



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