Length                 4 Semesters / 2 years
Location              Salzburg, Austria
ECTS                   120 points
Total fees             3.800 Euro
Qualification        Master of Arts in Syriac Theology (Continuing Education) MA (CE)
Language             English

Target Groups

The MA in Syriac Theology offers specialisation for graduates of arts/humanities, such as theology, history, Oriental studies, philosophy and archaeology.

Equally, it offers the opportunity for students belonging to all branches of Syriac Christianity and other Oriental churches to become academically qualified as a priest or teacher to work in the fields of pastoral care, catechesis, adult and religious education.


The MA in Syriac Theology focusses on:
–   Syro-Aramaic Language and Literature
–   The Bible and Exegesis in the Syriac Tradition
–   History of Syriac Christianity
–   Liturgical Science
–   Syriac Theology and Philosophy
–   Syriac Christianity in Context
–   Canon Law and Practical Theology