Liturgics belongs to the department of Practical Theology. It aims at reflecting the Christian faith and how this faith has acquired shape in the past and present liturgy. This helps to comprehend the service from a theological point of view.
There are several dimensions in liturgics:
The systematic dimension analyses the service as expression and source of faith. The historical dimension presents liturgy in its tradition from past to present. The dimension of pastoral and liturgical aesthetics critical accompanies the actual service and guides to a responsible handling of liturgical orders.
At university the following topics are offered:

  • theology of the sacraments and their celebration       
  • church year and calendar of saints  
  • The Divine Office – worship service – devotions         
  • liturgical renewal      
  • church architecture     
  • liturgical music (Catholic church music)         
  • diverse exercises on “as cele-brandi”, liturgical chants, preparation and celebration of specific forms of liturgy

Alexander Zerfaß is Professor of Liturgics and Sacramental Theology since 2015. His major research themes are Liturgy and Culture, Liturgy and Bible and Liturgy and Time. The focus of his work is currently on the areas Tagzeitenliturgie and Hymnology.
Frank Walz lectures at the Faculty of Theology since 1994. Being a deacon and psychotherapist (logo therapy and existential analysis) he brings in a pastoral and liturgical-psychological insight. He puts an emphasis on the connection between anthropology and the theology of liturgics as well as on liturgical education. His research focus is on the anthropologic aspects of liturgy: It is about the preconditions from the perspective of the human being who initiates liturgical celebration. It is also about the missionary and diaconal dimension of liturgy and about problems of the liturgical propaedeutics.
Alexander Zerfaß is in the editorial team of the journals „Archiv für Liturgiewissenschaft“,  „Pietas Liturgica“ and „Pietas Liturgica. Studia“. Rudolf Pacik and Frank Walz are in the editorial team of the journal “Heiliger Dienst”. As representatives of the Catholic Faculty of Theology they are also part of the diocesan liturgical commission. Rudolf Pacik contributes to ecclesiastical projects of the German-speaking language area: “Communal book of prayers and hymns” and the task group “Ecclesia celebrans” for the renewal of the germanophone service book.