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Considering the “Education of the Person” from two different approaches enables a networking perspective of heterogeneous, global and subjective educational processes, a perspective that has been, in the past, seriously neglected and a perspective that entails reciprocity and that is therefore eminently lucrative.
These two approaches are, firstly, interdisciplinary (encompassing educational sciences, philosophy and theology) and, secondly, involving methodological pluralism (i.e. ideas of educational theory, of educational philosophy as well as current-day perspectives of empirical educational research).
In so doing, we can overcome the limits of a one-sided or standardised understanding of “knowledge” or “performance”, and “education” can be fundamentally discussed within the context of a form of discourse based upon the humanities and cultural studies. Education, understood as biographical processes of transformation, can be explored along the thematic coordinates of maturity, justice and culture.
These points of interaction form the thematic and interdisciplinary foundation of research and teaching at DSP’s “Education of the Person”. Internationally renowned colleagues and experts in this field are supporting the innovative work of the doctoral programs.