Popular Culture Studies (DSP PCS)

Sujet DSP


Popular culture is an ubiquitous part of our daily life. Identities of individuals and groups, gender identities, or youth cultures are associated with popular phenomena like stars, images, and popular media. In this context, popular culture is to be understood as an intermediary between sociocultural and individual processes.
The Doctorate School PLUS Popular Culture Studies is an interdisciplinary PhD training programme currently composed of PhD students from four departments (Art, Music and Dance Studies, Communication Science, English and American Studies, History) of the University of Salzburg. The aim is to combine the different perspectives of the art, cultural, and social studies for analyzing the complex research object of popular culture.
The DSP regularly provides interdisciplinary seminars, colloquia, and workshops which are part of the obligatory courses in the PhD curriculum of the University of Salzburg. For detailed information please look at the course directory via  PLUS Online.
We are proud that the DSP Popular Culture Studies is currently unique in the German-speaking countries. It features a focused and multilayered transdisciplinary theoretical and methodological research framework with a highly motivated team of supervisors and graduate students.