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gender_transcultural (DSP gtk)

The DSP gender_transcultural, established in 2016, is a PhD training-consortium currently consisting of twelve PhD students from seven departments (Art, Music and Dance Studies, Communication Science, Educational Science, English and American Studies, Practical Theology, Slavonic Studies, Psychology) of the University of Salzburg, Austria.  
Gender_transcultural brings together young scientists to share and to enhance their knowledge, experiences and, in particular their research projects in the field of transculturality and gender. From an interdisciplinary and global point of view, the projects look at the structural category gender and its discursive and performative interrelations with cultures and societies. The main target is to gain further insight into the complex interplay between gender and the concept of transculturality, linked to current debates about diversity and intersectionality.  

The following topics will be addressed: 

  • Body and corporeality
  • Constructions of gender in art, media and daily life   
  • Power, vulnerability and resilience in intersectional contexts 
  • Historical analysis of places of articulation and development of gender and culture  

Under the guidance of Univ. Prof. Dr. Martina Thiele (Communication Science), Univ. Prof. Dr. Birgit Bütow (Educational Science) and Ass. Univ. Prof. Dr. Nicole Haitzinger (Dance Studies) gender_transcultural regularly provides seminars, research colloquia, summer schools, workshops, etc., in collaboration with the research platform Gender Studies and the interdisciplinary panel of experts Expert_innenrat Gender Studies at University of Salzburg.  
PhD Students integrated in the DSP gender_transcultural will profit from an individual mentoring and training in all aspects of academic life, financial support (e.g. conferences) as well as international networks and collaborations (e.g. Prof. Dr. Jigna Desai, University of Minnesota; Prof. Dr. Edgar Forster, Université de Fribourg; Prof. Dr. Tanja Thomas, University Tübingen) resulting in joint publications, etc.      

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