Doctoral students (DSP gtk)

DSP gtk: Overview

Doctoral student Topic / Title Department
Cornelia Brunnauer Feministische Theorien in der Sozialen Arbeit Educational Science
Maddalena Comincini Aleksandra Kollontaj – Social, Political and Cultural Heritage in Italian, Western- and Eastern-German Second Wave Feminisms Communication Studies (Slavic Studies)
Daniela Silvia Fella Weiblichkeitskonstruktionen im zeitgenössischen Arthouse-Kino. Eine Annäherung an das Verhältnis von Religion und Identität Practical Theology
Julia Goldmann Fan Fiction. It’s a magical place Communication Science
Liesa Herbst Sheng nü – Weiblich. Ledig. Ü27. Frauenbilder in der chinesischen Presse Communication Science
Johanna Hörmann Hybrid Bodies: The Afterlife of the Greek Satyr in the Performing Arts  Dance Studies
Ewald Kilasara Domestic Violence Against Women in the Catholic Diocese of Same, Tanzania. A Christian Moral Response Practical Theology
Julia Ostwald Constellations of body and voice in contemporary dance and dance of modernity Art, Music and Dance Studies
Karin Roth Coping strategies of older men and women who experienced physical, psychological or sexual violence/abuse Educational Science
Lisa Schulze Two wheels, one route: Navigation and media for wheelchair users Communication Science
Linda Siegel Discriminating algorithms: Who codes for whom? Communication Science
Rand El Zein Between Arab Satellite Television Images and the Private Sphere: Vulnerability and Resistance among Syrian Women during Violent Conflict Communication Science