Johanna Hörmann

Department Dance Studies
PhD Supervisor Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nicole Haitzinger
PhD Co-Supervisor

Prof. Dr. Anton Bierl (University Basel)

Prof. Dr. Patrick Primavesi (University Leipzig)

Start April 2018
Topic/Title Hybrid Bodies: The Afterlife of the Greek Satyr in the Performing Arts (working title)


This interdisciplinary dissertation project examines the actuality of the Greek satyr figure on the twenty-first century stage. In his “function” as a Dionysian demon or choral collective, this dance scholarly study is the first concerned with the theatrical and performative qualities as well as the bodily aspects of these half-animals. In addition to a theatre based research, philosophical and cultural studies receptions as well as transcultural and gender-theoretical perspectives will be presented for the first time. Based on several case studies the ancient satyr will serve as a hybrid figure in the performing arts and in its figuration in different discourses.


Barrierefreiheit: Kurzbeschreibung des Bildes
Johanna Hörmann, M.A., studied Theatre, Film and Media (University of Vienna) and Dance Studies (FU Berlin); since April 2018 she is research assistant and doctoral student at the Department of Musicology and Dance Studies of the Paris Lodron University Salzburg. Since October 2018 she is member of the doctorate school PLUS gender_transcultural. Alongside with her research she works as a freelance dramaturge.