Lisa Schulze

Department Communication Science
PhD Supervisor Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christine Lohmeier
PhD Co-SupervisorN.N.
StartWS 2019/2020
Topic/Title Two wheels, one route: Navigation and media for wheelchair users


Navigating and following a route is a matter of course for many people. GPS services, car navigation devices and navigation apps on our smartphones allow us to move successfully from one place to another without much effort, even in unknown environments. However, how do people who are restricted in their mobility navigate? Can wheelchair users easily use a smartphone or a traditional paper map and have all the information accessible that is needed to navigate themselves to a desired destination and successfully follow a route? My dissertation project examines whether and how media can contribute to participation and mobility for wheelchair users. For this purpose, data is collected in observations, interviews and photo documentations during the planning and navigation of routes. The aim of my dissertation project is to develop repertoires of media and other objects or aids that are significant for the navigation of wheelchair users.


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Lisa Schulze is a research assistant and doctoral student working at the Unit Media Use & Digital Cultures at the Department of Communication Studies, University of Salzburg. She completed her bachelor’s degree in media studies with a minor in literature, cultural and media studies at the University of Siegen in 2014. In the same year, Lisa began her Master’s studies at the University of Bremen and worked as a student assistant at the Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research (ZeMKI), Bremen. In 2019, she graduated with a master’s degree in Media Culture.