DSP Research Groups

Research Groups of Doctorate School PLUS

The goal of the DSP Research Groups is to connect doctoral candidates from different subjects or departments working on similar topics and to provide them with broad support for their dissertation project from faculty members and external experts. The DSP Research Groups are linked to the various research areas at PLUS. Interested doctoral students can be associated to one of the Research Groups. To do so, please contact the head of the corresponding DSP Research Group directly. DSP Research Groups organize different activities, the concrete form of the collaboration and the events offered is up to the Research Groups to decide. In addition to the already established doctoral programmes (DK, DK-plus), which are mostly financed by external funding bodies, the University of Salzburg is establishing internal Research Groups. This is a clear impulse in the area of promoting young researchers and an important contribution to quality development in doctoral education. The organizational framework is provided by the Doctorate School PLUS.

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