The theory forum should be an open research space for academics in qualification phases and students. The aim is to reflect theories, pedagogical concepts and basic problems to understand their relevance for pedagogical practice. The idea is to have a possibility to propose a subject, which can be openly analysed and discussed from different angles.

Target group

Academics in qualification phases and students


There are in total three sessions in the semester. Each session lasts for three hours. After a short impuls on concepts or theories (about 10 minutes) we discuss the topic and idea together (45 minutes). An external speaker on a relevant topic is invited on one date in the semester.

Past main topics

  • Theory – Subject – Practice (summer semster 2019)
  • Knowledge – Body – Power (winter semester 2019/20)
  • Thinking – Talking – Acting (summer semester 2020)
  • Forgetfulness of history (winter semester 2020/21)
  • On the discomfort with truth(s) (summer semester 2021)
  • Theory and Empiricism (winter semester 2021/22)
  • Nature and Culture (summer semester 2022)
  • Dealing with contradictions (winter semester 2022/23)
  • Reforms – Transformations – Revolutions (summer semester 2023)
  • (Re)production of Knowledge (winter semester 2023/24)
  • Materiality and subject (summer semester 2024)