The sensors of geoinformatics are compared to the function of a digital skin of our planet. Whether remote sensing or measurements directly on the earth’s surface, whether with stationary or mobile sensors, with physical or “social” sensors. Today, we are able to observe, diagnose and partly predict changes, movements and correlations on the earth’s surface worldwide. Many of these technologies shape our everyday lives.

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The iDEAS:lab is an interactive laboratory for inquiry-based learning at all levels, geoinformatics experiments and general public. Equipped with innovative Digital Earth technologies, the focus is on the interface from real to virtual worlds. The iDEAS:lab offers modules that make Digital Earth research accessible and invites active exploration of Digital Earth technologies. These modules are presented in four different labs:

  • Schools Lab: imparting Digital Earth know-how to students of different age groups.
  • Research Lab: project-oriented experimentation platform and university courses
  • Open Science Lab: access to the topic of Digital Earth for interested parties and the general public
  • Transfer Lab: cooperation with corporate partners and start-ups

 Information about visiting, modules and technologies in the lab can be found on the website.