Research and Development

The department is an interdisciplinary centre of competence for Geoinformatics and Earth observation. By applying innovative spatial concepts and methodologies, we are contributing to the management of our societies, businesses and environments. A pool of Geographic information (GI) and Earth observation (EO) scientists, engineers and domain specialists pursue basic and applied research projects. The methodological knowledge enriched with a diversified domain expertise provides a fertile ground for the development of new methods and applications thereof. Z_GIS achieves to act as a think tank for geospatial information generation in natural and social spheres.
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E x p e r t s  f o r  t h e  s p a t i a l  v i e w The overarching vision and common denominator of the research carried out at Z_GIS is to reach a better understanding of social and natural phenomena in their spatial manifestations. To reach this goal, we cover the full chain from data collection to analysis and application in a dynamic manner as capturing devices and analysis techniques mutually generate new development needs. The analysis component involves the development of new methods, the improvement of technology and data infrastructure and the application of GIS. More information on Z_GIS Research Areas