Research Areas

Macro-drivers (such as climate change, natural disasters, resource scarcity) require a macroscopic spatial view in better understanding the emerging patterns and underlying processes in a systemic and synoptic way. The global concern for a changing world entails a new way of approaching multi-dimensional problems and makes decision makers acknowledge tools capable to tackle the ‘big picture’ rather than looking at isolated aspects only. 

Nine research areas and the Christian Doppler laboratory represent the points of intersection between the core methodological and domain competencies. Within all research areas, both basic and applied research is carried out. Next to methodological developments and scientific achievements Z_GIS wants to contribute to a deeper understanding of the physical environment and the human society – and in particular the human-environment nexus.

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Christian Doppler Labor


The CDL GEOHUM aims to bridge satellite Earth observation and geoinformatics to support humanitarian action.


EO Analytics Lab

EO Analytics

EO Analytics focuses on multi-scale and multi-purpose big EO data applications and their challenges.


GeoAI, GeoKG & GeoSemantics

GeoAI, GeoKG & GeoSemantics

GeoAI is contributing to advancing the scientific field of GIScience through cutting-edge research in both fundamental and applied domains.


Geo-social Analytics lab

Geo-social Analytics lab

Geo-Social Analytics tackles the role of spatial realms in the light of recent adaptation of spatial concepts for mass user applications.

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Geospatial Sustainability Compliance

Geospatial Sustainability

The RG employs the latest technology to assist organisations with simplifying compliance to European sustainability regulations.

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Landscape lab

Landscape lab

Landscapes are inherently complex and continuously changing. We aim to discover the drivers of change in a holistic-integrated view.

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Mobility lab

Mobility lab

Members of the Mobility Lab carry out first-class research at the interface between geoinformatics and mobility.

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Open Spatial lab

Open Spatial lab

The lab addresses components of the "openness cycle" and supports the transparent documentation of workflows for informed decision making.

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Risk, Hazard & Climate Lab

Risk, Hazard & Climate lab

The lab aims to identify spatial risk, hazard and vulnerability patterns through geo-spatial analysis and remote sensing.

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Spatial Simulation

Spatial Simulation

The RG uses simulation models as "virtual labs" to explore how spatial patterns emerge from the behaviour and the local interaction of individuals.

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