GeoAI, GeoKGs & GeoSemantics

Our working group is contributing to advancing the scientific field of Geographic Information Science (GIScience) through cutting-edge research in both fundamental and applied domains. Our team is committed to exploring and developing innovative geospatial tools and techniques for efficient and effective problem solving in diverse range of application domains.

Research Topics

In order to contribute to the scientific field of Geographic Information Science we focus on:

  • Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI)
  • Geospatial Knowledge Graphs (GeoKGs)
  • Semantics and Ontologies in Geography
  • Spatio-temporal modeling, analysis and simulation
    • Spatial Agent-based Modeling
    • Numerical Spatial Optimization

Application Areas

Our research work can be of vital interest for diverse fields of application. Some of our applied research domains are:

  • Energy Transition and Carbon Footprint
  • Digital Tourism
  • Supply Chain Analysis and Optimization
  • GeoHumanities (part of Digital Humanities)
  • Military Information Systems
  • Analog Mars Missions (AMADEE-22 and AMADE-24)
  • Indoor Geography (with applications in Industry 4.0 / Cyber-Physical Systems)