Since its foundation in 1999, the Language Centre at PLUS has been involved in numerous national and international projects in the field of foreign and second language methodology and language teaching research. Our main focus is the development of innovative models for foreign and second language teaching, particularly in the area of multilingual methodologies with an emphasis on methodologies for intercomprehension. The Language Centre is also involved in a Europe-wide research network in this area.

Practical implementation is supported by the development of teaching materials and course models. Further focal points are e-learning methodologies and quality criteria for foreign language teaching in adult education and universities. In cooperation with national partners, materials for content-oriented second language teaching or online assessment tests for specific contexts are and have been developed.

On the following pages an overview of ongoing projects as well as projects that have been undertaken so far can be found.

Current Projects

On the following pages a brief description of the current Language Centre projects can be found.

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Completed Projects

An overview of the projects carried out since 1999 can be found here.

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