Current projects

Ongoing projects and (externally funded) projects of the Language Centre are presented here.

Photographs: © Margareta Strasser  (1) | © Pixabay/firmbee (2)

Approches plurielle dans la formation et l’enseignement dans les EES / Plural approaches in foreign language teaching: training and teaching at universities


Among other things, this project will analyse plural and translingual practices in language teaching and teacher training.

Junge Frau mit Weltkugel

Promotion de l’éducation plurilingue – Partage de pratiques, formation et information


This project aims, among other things, to promote the competences of language teachers as well as multilingual education.

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Digital citizenship through language education


As a member of the E-Lang Citizen network, the Language Centre participates in the creation of real-world tasks in foreign language teaching.