At the end of your stay

At the end of your stay do not forget to take care of a few bureaucratic and administrative things. Keep in mind any deadlines.

At the university:

  • Return keys (office, buidling).
  • Return parking card of the university.
  • Return the Servicecard of the university (copycard).
  • Return books checked out from the university library.
  • If you get money from the university: make arrangements for the last payment to be made in time.

Outside the university:

  • Cancel your lease.
  • Cancel contracts for the supply of utilities (water, electricity, gas).
  • Return keys to the landlord.
  • Make arrangements for the restitution of your housing deposit.
  • Cancel your address registration.
  • Close your bank account.
  • Cancel newspaper and journal subscriptions.
  • Cancel membership in associations, etc.
  • Cancel insurance policies.
  • Inform school/kindergarten that children are leaving.
  • Cancel telecommunication contracts (phone, mobile phone, internet).
  • Cancel radio and TV registration.
  • Arrange for your mail to be fowarded.

The Welcome Center will be happy to be of assistance.

We would be happy, if you decided to stay in contact with the university. One option to do so is by joining our Alumni Club.