Crediting & Certificate


How the crediting works

Depending on the respective curriculum, the courses completed as part of a supplementary study program can be credited as part of the free electives. However, since not all fields of study provide for free electives or do so to a corresponding extent, it is possible that additional work outside the curriculum is required to complete a supplementary study program, which cannot be fully reflected in the degree certificate.

Elective modules (12 ECTS), study supplements (24 ECTS) and specializations (36 ECTS) can be listed in the Bachelor’s, Master’s or diploma examination certificate in most fields of study (naming of free electives with an internal subject connection). You will find specific provisions on this in the curriculum of your degree program under the heading “Free electives” or, if necessary, agreement should be reached in advance with the chairperson of the curriculum committee for your degree program. The PLUS Career and Startup Center cannot provide any information on this.


How to get your certificate

Since study supplements and specializations can also be completed outside of the free electives, degrees are confirmed with a certificate from PLUS. These certificates can be issued for basic modules, supplements and specializations.

Send us your examination certificates for the courses you have completed and the completed Exampass per mail to . After checking the correct assignment, we send the examination pass to the ZFL – Flexible Learning, where the certificates are issued digitally on behalf of the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies. You will receive your certificate digitally by email. Certificates must be applied for BEFORE graduation. It is not possible to issue the certificate retrospectively.