Conditions of participation

The number of course places is limited. Places are allocated in the order in which fixed places can be allocated. Please note the information on bank transfer / payment. Participation in courses is linked to active study at the PLUS.

REGISTRATION for courses

From the start of registration (winter semester mid-September/ summer semester mid-February) until the deadline (winter semester 15.10./ summer semester 15.03.), PLUS students can register independently via PLUSonline. By registering, your place is reserved for the time being and is not yet a fixed place.


In order to receive a fixed place, the course fee must be paid by online bank transfer. Your place on the course is only confirmed once we can see your payment in the SAP internal order.

The PLUS Career & Startup Center reserves the right to cancel courses if the minimum number of participants is not reached. In this case, any fees paid will of course be refunded in full.



The courses of the PLUS Career & Startup Center have an immanent examination character. According to §19(5) of the statutes of the University of Salzburg, registration is mandatory after the second week of the course. Attendance of 80% in the course is required (from the time of registration), as the assessment is based on regular written and oral contributions, not on a single examination at the end.From the third week of the course/ for block courses after the first attendance date, absence without good reason is considered as a termination of the examination and the course is therefore assessed negatively. For example, in the case of 2-day block courses, it is not sufficient to be present for only one of the two days.


Grades (“Successfully participated” or “Not successfully participated”) are awarded for courses and a certificate is issued. This certificate is created via PLUSonline and can be printed out using your own business card. For PLUS students, the statutes of the University of Salzburg apply with the regulations for courses with continuous assessment (p. 6-8):


Depending on the respective curriculum, the courses completed as part of a supplementary study program can be credited within the framework of the free electives. However, as not all fields of study offer free electives or do not offer them to the appropriate extent, it is possible that additional work outside the curricula may be required to complete a study supplement, which cannot be fully reflected in the degree certificate (as a certificate can).

Elective modules (12 ECTS), study supplements (24 ECTS) and specializations (36 ECTS) can be listed/entered in the Bachelor’s, Master’s or diploma examination certificate in most fields of study (naming of free electives with an internal subject connection). You will find specific provisions on this in the curriculum of your degree program under “Free electives” or, if necessary, agreement should be reached in advance with the chairperson of the curriculum committee for your degree program. The PLUS Career and Startup Center cannot provide any information on this.