Gemeinsam fahren wir besser (GEFABE) – Together we drive better

How do modern driver assistance systems work in the car? What needs to be taught in driving lessons of the future on these systems?
Bild zeigt eine Gestensteuerung
Driver assistance systems (such as cruise control, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane change assistant, automatic parking etc.) are finding ever wider application in modern vehicles and are intended to assist motorists in carrying out driving tasks. As automation increases, so does the size and complexity of such systems. To ensure that the intended supporting function remains such and does not become an obstacle for the driver, it requires appropriate knowledge of the handling of such systems, especially in light of the ever-advancing trend towards ever-increasing automation of the vehicle.
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Ass. Prof. Dr. Alexander Meschtscherjakov
Center for Human-Computer Interaction
Universität Salzburg