Political Theory and Philosophy

Research focus

Research in this area prevalently focuses on theories of democracy, legitimacy, constitutionalism and (transnational) governance. Theories encompass classical normative as well as empirically grounded approaches. As the chair also includes European politics, theories of regional integration play a major role. Since 2002 this area of scholarship has been under the direction of Prof. Sonja Puntscher-Riekmann.



The following personnel of the Department of Political Science is doing research and teaches in the field of political theory and philosophy:


Research projects

Information concerning research projects which are carried out at the interdisciplinary Salzburg Centre of European Union Studies (SCEUS) with participation of faculty members of the department of political science may be found at the SCEUS research site.

YearRecent Publications
2020Wintersteiger, Mario (2020a). Enlightenment from the Orient: The ‚Philosophical Esotericism’ of the Falasifa, in: Bogoslovni vestnik/Theological Quarterly, 80(3), 585-594. [ Link]
Wintersteiger, Mario (2020b). Schönheit, Kunst und Macht: Politischer ‚Ästhetizismus’ aus ‚ästhetisch-politologischer’ Sicht, in: Jahrbuch Politisches Denken 2018, Bd. 28, Berlin, 81-101. [ Link]
2019Wintersteiger, Mario (2019). Politikwissenschaft, Humanismus und politische Anthropologie. Plädoyer für eine Renaissance klassischen politischen Denkens, in: Österreichische Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft, 48(2), 35-42. [ Link]
2018Puntscher Riekmann, Sonja (2018a). Europe’s Moments of Truth: Wicked Crises, Good and Bad Consequences, in: Ewald Nowotny et al. (eds.): A modern take on structural reforms – past and future challenges for CESEE and Europe at large, Cheltenham (forthcoming).
Puntscher Riekmann, Sonja (2018b). Gouvernementalität der Europäischen Union, in: Maurizio Bach/Barbara Hönig-Bach (Hrsg.): Europasoziologie: Handbuch für Wissenschaft und Studium, Baden-Baden, 398–404.
Puntscher Riekmann, Sonja/Zdenek Kudrna (2018). Harmonizing national options and discretions in the EU banking regulation, in: Journal of Economic Policy Reform, 21(2), 144–158. [ Link]
2017Puntscher Riekmann, Sonja (2017). The struggle for and against globalisation: international trade agreements and the democratic question, in: Stefan Griller/Erich Vranes (eds.): MegaRegional Agreements: CETA, TTIP, TiSA. New Orientations for EU External Economic Relations, Oxford, 286–294.
Wintersteiger, Mario (2017a). Der mediterrane Mythos als kritische Theorie der Moderne. Griechisches Erbe und Ideologiekritik bei Albert Camus, in: Zeitschrift für Praktische Philosophie 4(2), 87–106. [ Link]
Wintersteiger, Mario (2017b). ‘Dionysian’ Bonds in ‘Apollonian’ Perspective – Reflections on the Driving Forces behind Postmodern Social Capital, in: Elisabeth Kapferer/Isabell Gstach/Andreas Koch/Clemens Sedmak (eds.): Rethinking Social Capital: Global Contributions from Theory and Practice, Newcastle upon Tyne, 103–115. [ Link]
2016Puntscher Riekmann, Sonja (2016). Geld und Souveränität. Zur Transformation der Europäischen Union und der Mitgliedstaaten durch die Finanz- und Fiskalkrise (2008-2013), in: Hans-Jürgen Bieling/Martin Große Hüttmann (Hrsg.): Europäische Staatlichkeit – Zwischen Krise und Integration. Staat – Souveränität – Nation: Beiträge zur aktuellen Staatsdiskussion, Wiesbaden, 203–223.
Wintersteiger, Mario (2016a). The Beneficial Poison of Mythology. Reflections on Georges Bataille’s Anthropology of Myth and Violence, in: Vojko Strahovnik/Bojan Žalec (eds.): Religion, Violence, and Ideology: Reflections on the Challenges of Postmodern World, Zürich 2016, 65–71. [ Link]
Wintersteiger, Mario (2016b). Reconsidering ‘Mythic Knowledge’. A Contribution to the Hermeneutics of ‘Mythic’ Insights, in: Elisabeth Kapferer/Andreas Koch/Clemens Sedmak (eds.): Appreciating Local Knowledge, Newcastle upon Tyne, 43–60. [ Link]

Complete lists of publications of the staff members in political theory and philosophy may be found on their personal websites.