Project: Islam Politics in Austria


Funded in by the Brookings Foundation and the European Union.

The projects here have focused on Muslim life in Austria, Muslim youth in Austria and Islam politics in Austria, especially in conjunction with the rise of the radical right. In this context, the American-based Brookings commissioned a study on the situation of Islam in Austria, a report about it can be found  here and is part of a multinational project assessing the situation of Islam in different European countries. The  EU has funded the so-called I-Report on  Reporting and Documentation of Islamophobic Incidents.


Key Publications



  • Hafez Farid / Reinhard Heinisch (2024). Politicizing Islam, New Brunswick, N. J.: Rutgers University Press (in production).



Journal articles


  • Hafez, Farid / Reinhard Heinisch (2018). Breaking with Austrian Consociationalism: How the Rise of Rightwing Populism and Party Competition have changed Austria’s Islam Politics, in: Politics and Religion, 11(3), 649-678.