AG Literarische Moderne

Literary Modernism

General objectives

The research group focuses on the Romance literatures of modernity and the present. Literary Modernism refers to a complex of problems and questions dealt with in the medium of literature that accompanies the process of social, industrial and economic modernisation from the end of the 18th century to the present.

The research group aims to initiate a comparative research discussion on literary modernism among its members and to work on common focal points in research and teaching. In this sense, the group also strives for and carries out joint, longer-term projects. In addition to joint or coordinated courses, research projects, conferences and cultural events are organised.

In order to delve deeper into current trends in contemporary literature, modern theatre and the field of film, the research group endeavours to invite academics, literary, theatre and film professionals to hold guest lectures, not least to ensure “practical relevance” and to demonstrate the links between academia and the arts.

Main topics

The following topics reflect the research activities of the members in recent years, but also define future subject areas that are to be further developed.  Learn more


Speaker: Michael Aichmayr, Deputy Speaker: Kathrin Ackermann
Members: Peter Kuon, Christopher Laferl, Susanne Winter, Agustín Corti, Markus Ebenhoch, Josefina Vázquez-Arco, Christina Seewald-Juhasz, Romina Palacios, Oliver Zimmermann