Neue Romania

Nova Romania

Area of focus

The increasing linguistic, cultural and, not least, economic significance of non-European Romania opens up a variety of new fields of activity for the traditionally European-oriented Romance Studies. At our institute, some specialisations of individual colleagues in this field have already emerged in the past. Of particular note are: Creole Studies (Eckkrammer), Literature and Culture of Hispano-America and the Lusophone World (Calderón, Laferl, Pöll, Reisner), Research on Francophonie (Pöll), Varieties of Spanish in America (Lackinger), etc. These topics are clearly reflected in the teaching and/or publishing activities of a whole range of staff at the Department of Romance Studies.


One of the overall objectives of the working group is the coordination of the above-mentioned research interests, whereby interdisciplinary cooperation in research as well as in teaching is also desired. Indeed, many topics from Nova Romania require simultaneous approaches from literary studies and linguistics. Striking examples of this are the literary production from the Caribbean or the chicano culture in North America, both of which can only be understood by taking into account the sociolinguistic dynamics that shape these regions.

In detail, the cooperation should consist of the coordination of courses and course contents. Furthermore, the organisation of relevant conferences and publications (e.g. thematic anthologies) is currently under consideration.

Staff and directors
Head: Agustín Corti,  Deputy: Christopher F. Laferl
Marietta Calderón Tichy, Markus Ebenhoch, Eloide Kilp, Dirk Köning, Romina Palacios, Bernhard Pöll, Daniela Ríos Flores, Josefina Vázquez, Oliver Zimmermann.