Grammatik der romanischen Sprachen

Grammar of Romance languages

Grammar of Romance languages

Area of focus

The (comparative) study of the grammar of Romance languages is one of the oldest and at the same time central fields of work in Romance linguistics. In the course of the 20th century, a variety of approaches to the traditionally diachronic approach to this subject have emerged, linked to the emergence of new paradigms in linguistics, so that today grammar research also includes the interplay with mechanisms of language processing (L2 acquisition) and involves the analysis of relationships with lexical components as well as the interactions between syntax, prosody and pragmatics (information structure). Language typological aspects also have a prominent role.


  • Coordination of the above-mentioned research interests
  • Cooperation in teaching
  • Organisation of relevant conferences and publications

Staff and directors

Head: Bernhard Pöll, Deputy: Matthias Heinz
Birgit Füreder, Dirk Köning, Jennifer Konzett, Johanna Wolf
Associate members: Anne Wolfsgruber (Berlin), Peter Herbeck (Vienna/Valencia)