The working group Didactics of Foreign Language Teaching was established in 2005 by foreign language didacticians, foreign language teachers and cultural and literary scholars from the Department of Romance Studies in Salzburg. Since then, colleagues from other departments have also become involved.

•   Objectives
  • Academic research on language didactics
  • Development of teaching and learning materials
  • Improving professional development opportunities for foreign language teachers
  • Coordination of training standards through continuous exchange of experience and information
  • Cooperation and networking with institutions with similar objectives (e.g. School of Education of the PLUS University of Salzburg, Language Centre of the University of Salzburg, ÖGSD (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Sprachendidaktik), universities of education (pädagogische Hochschulen), CEBS (Center für berufsbezogene Sprachen), ÖSZ (Österreichisches Sprachen-Kompetenz-Zentrum), EFSZ (Europäisches Sprachenzentrum)