Double Degree EUS – Guide for Incoming Students

Welcome to Salzburg!


Home to roughly 20.000 students throughout the state and at least three major universities in the city, Salzburg is much more than a tourist destination. And yes, just like “New York, New York”, there’s “Salzburg, Salzburg” – the federal state and the city share the same name!

Since we’ve already started some Salzburg trivia, did you know that…
…Salzburg was once a part of Bavaria? It later became an independent principality and was annexed by the Austrian Empire in 1816.
…if you’re not familiar with “Sound of Music”, you’re not the only one?  In fact, you’ve already got something in common with the locals. Congratulations!
…Mozart was effectively banished from Salzburg because of a conflict with the Arch Bishop? A popular theory holds that his music was simply too far ahead of its time.
…Salzburg is home to the largest beer hall in Austria? “Augustiner Bräu” was founded 400 years ago when Bavarian monks started to brew beer in Salzburg. You’re welcome to bring your own food, as is tradition in beer halls, as long as you enjoy their drinks.

To make the start of your journey through the coming semester(s) easier, we have prepared this guide to help you out with useful information.
We hope you enjoy your stay in Salzburg and wish you a great experience!


Find everything you need to know here: DD EUS-Guide for Incoming Students


Edmundsburg above Salzburg