Study Supplement European Union Studies


Climate Change, labour mobility, migration, monetary policy, free trade: these are a few examples of the policy areas in which the European Union plays a decisive role.
There is hardly a policy field or legal issues which is not influenced by European decisions. Basic knowledge of European institutions and the European legal basis is therefore today a requirement in many occupational areas.

The study supplement and thematic priority European Union Studies offers the possibility to analyse specific questions of European integration from the perspective of political science, law and economics. It provides bachelor students of political science, law & economics and law students with the possibility to put a focus on European integration in their study programme and to get acquainted to research and working methods of other disciplines. It is an offer to all students of the University of Salzburg to learn about the European Union.


!! Students can only choose courses of their own study programme, if the course is not part of the obligatory courses of that programmes curriculum!!