Master in Migration Studies (EuMIGS) at the Department of Sociology (University of Salzburg)

Are you interested in issues related to migration, refugees, diversity and racism?

Join this  new master program, which provides excellent opportunities for Salzburg Sociology students!

Here are whys:

  • In two years, you will receive a Master’s degree in Social Science from Salzburg;
  • At the end of your studies, you will receive two Master’s degrees (EuMIGS) without prolonging the duration of your studies;
  • During your studies, you can study a year abroad in the area of migration studies at one of our six partner institutions in attractive European destinations;
  • Chance to explore your potential abroad and challenge yourself;
  • Your travel costs will be financially supported by the Erasmus Programme;
  • You will get to know and work with fellow students from abroad;
  • While being abroad, there will be coordinated EuMIGS activities, both locally and transnationally;
  • You can take part in a research project, an internship, skills training to bolster your CV;
  • You can improve your foreign language skills;
  • The EuMIGS Double Degree Master’s Programme equips you with in-depth knowledge on sociological and cultural aspects of migration, the legal foundations, as well as on historical processes of migration;
  • You will write your thesis supervised by advisors based in Salzburg and your destination;
  • There will be no bureaucratic hurdle to have ECTS earned abroad recognized.

EuMIGs Students pursuing Master in Sociology at our department will spend their first year in Salzburg and can choose one of the six partner universities participating in the programme for their second year. These universities are:

You write your Master’s thesis at the host university and finally receive a double degree – a Master’s certificate from both universities!

Finally, for your information, here is a concrete roadmap on how to get your double degree:

You start your studies (semesters 1-2) at PLUS and choose a partner institution for the second year (semesters 3-4). In Salzburg you have to complete the following ECTS according to the specifications from our modules. At the partner university you will then write your Master’s thesis. The Master’s examination is organised and held in a cooperation between the two universities.


For more questions, please contact Prof. Aschauer () or Prof. Shinozaki ()

Sociology Student Podcast!

Podcast classroom
Podcast classroom
in ACoruña
in ACoruña

Selin Aksoy, Hikari Beck and Mirjam Böjte particiated in a EuMIGS winter workshop back in March in ACoruña and produced a podcast with Kyoko Shinozaki. Have a listen what our deparment has to offer in the field of Migration and Mobility Studies in Salzburg!
 Sociological Coffee Talks von Miri Böjte (