Elene Svanidze


Elene Svanidze is a senior student of Governance and Social Sciences at Free University of Tbilisi. Her research work focuses on new forms of leisure and intimate relationships. The latter is her major, current research interest. Elene has done a comprehensive theoretical analysis on the role of globalization in changing forms and content of intimate relationships in modern societies. Based on the theoretical analysis, Elene has further conducted a pilot qualitative research on the concept of love and intimacy in Georgian youth. Currently, Elene’s work includes biographical research and discourse analysis on dynamics of intimate relationships in Georgia. She is interested in the narrative construction of intimacy in the context of validation in relationships and its place in the overall cultural, anthropological, and sociological framework.

Most relevant activities

  • 01/2020 – to date. Research Project (thesis): Modern Relationship Dynamics in Georgia.  Free University of Tbilisi. Student Researcher.
  • 11/2019. Lecture Sessions: Intimate Relationships in Modern World. Course of Sociological Analysis, Free University of Tbilisi. Tutor.
  • 26-28/09/2019. Presentation: Breaking out of the Binary Categories. Panel: Mobilizing Intimate Relationships, ÖGS Kongress 2019. Presenter.