Migration research

The research cluster „Sociology of Migration“ reflects a long-standing research area of the department of sociology. During the last years a third-party funded project on behalf of the chamber of labor of Salzburg (“Recognition of Foreign Educational and Vocational Qualifications of Migrants“) was successfully completed by the project leaders Martin Weichbold and Wolfgang Aschauer (see research projects). Additionally existing cooperation were strengthened with other departments (particularly Political Science, History and Communication Science) and further academic institutions (notably the University of Education, Competence center of diversity pedagogics,   professorship Manfred Oberlechner-Duval).   Wolfgang Aschauer is responsible for the supplementary study program on „Migration Studies“ at the University of Salzburg. In close cooperation with the Vice Rector of international relations and communication (Sylvia Hahn) a multifaceted study program is developed every year to connect the various teaching activities at the university with regard to the topic of migration. This supplementary program has continuously gained importance over the last years. Many students strive for additional qualifications in the field of migration studies and migration management because of the actuality and controversial nature of the topic. Besides Wolfgang Aschauer (supplementary study program) also Nikolaus Dimmel (  training course migration management) is active in teaching and research. It is planned to extend the offer of relevant courses, to provide specific empirical seminars for students (see research projects) and to integrate the contemporary refugee crises in research and teaching.   The sociological department – on behalf of Wolfgang Aschauer – will also take part in multidisciplinary initiatives to offer expertise in handling the refugee crisis in Salzburg. It is planned to collaborate in the network of teaching, research and advise which is currently installed by members of the   department of psychology.   A successful international cooperation exists with the University of Wolverhampton (professorship of Modern European History and Migration, Dieter Steinert). In July 2016, the third conference (  Children and War Past and Present) will take place at the University of Salzburg. This conference is organized by Wolfgang Aschauer in cooperation with the department of history, the University of Wolverhampton and in association with the UN Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict. It can be assumed that the contemporary refugee crises will be an important matter of the conference as well.