Musicology and Dance Science BA

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Course Duration / ECTS6 semesters / 180 ECTS
University degree Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Faculty Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences
Department Musicology and Dance Science
ModeFull time
Study ID
D 033 636
Admission Requirements Matura or school leaving certificate (e.g., Abitur (GER), GCE
levels (UK), Diplome du Baccalaureat de l’Enseignement du
Second Degre (F), Titulo de Bachiller (E), Attestat (RSF)),
which is comparable in length and quality to the Austrian Matura.
Language of instruction German  Proof of language proficiency

What will I learn?

The course’s special profile is based on the combination of two academic disciplines: in Salzburg, you can either study both musicology and dance sciences as a combined course, or you choose one of the two subjects as your main field. The synergy of musicology and dance sciences promotes an innovatice concept of cultural studies. Our focuses lie on the opera, ballet, performance, musical, film and digital media on the one hand, and on recordings, the documentation and interpretation of music and dance on the other hand. Studying dance sciences provides a space to try out the thinking of the body, and to impart dance- and motion-specific knowledge in the creative interplay of (academic) theory and (artistic) practice. Musicology examines the manifestations of music and sound through time and cultural areas, e.g., electronical music and opera, musical and jazz, symphony and world music.

Which career opportunities do I have?

The interdisciplinary and practical nature of this BA course allow graduates to work in a wide variety of occupations. You will gather practical experience in research and science during projects and modules, and you will get in touch with representatives of the professional fields of your choice. Possible careers for Musicology and Dance Studies graduates include science and culture management, cultural policy, dramaturgy, editing, as well as PR for theatres, culture and concert institutions.

Why Salzburg?

The multi-faceted combination of dance studies and musicology, which is unique in Salzburg, promotes a transdisciplinary concept without neglecting specific competences. The cooperation with the University for Music and Performing Arts (Mozarteum University) adds a connectedness to the living arts, which can help you broaden and sharpen your mind. Cultural institutions such as “Stiftung Mozarteum” or the Salzburg Festival offer an accompanying wide range of cultural programs as well as opportunities for practical experience through internships.

How is the course structured?

Musicology and Dance Science BA
Überblicke und Einblicke10 ECTS
Einführungen 16 ECTS
Geschichtliche Überblicke15 ECTS
Grundlagenmodule (1 aus 3 ist zu wählen)
Theorie der Musik11 ECTS
Kombinationsmodul11 ECTS
Theorie, Praxis und Ästhetik des Tanzes11 ECTS
Aufbaumodule (5 aus 7 sind zu wählen)
Transkulturelle Perspektiven: Musik und Tanz11 ECTS
Musikhistoriografie11 ECTS
Tanz als Wissenskultur11 ECTS
Struktur und Analyse der Musik11 ECTS
Inszenierung und Aufführung11 ECTS
Kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektiven: Musik und Tanz11 ECTS
Musik, Tanz und Medien 11 ECTS
Aktuelle Forschungsfelder und Methoden16 ECTS
Praktika6 ECTS
Vertiefungsmodule (1 aus 3 ist zu wählen)
Musikwissenschaft16 ECTS
Tanzwissenschaft16 ECTS
Musik- und Tanzwissenschaft16 ECTS
Freie Wahlfächer24 ECTS
Bachelorarbeit5 ECTS
Kommissionelle Bachelorprüfung6 ECTS
Summe180 ECTS


Univ.Prof. Dr. Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl

Univ.Prof. Dr. Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl
Head of the curriculum committee Musicology and Dance Studies

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