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Course Duration/ ECTS6 semesters / 180 ECTS
University degreeDr.rer.nat. or Dr.phil.
Admission Requirements
and Curriculum
· Ideally, applicants hold a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree
in the respective teacher training programme of their academic
field. It may also be possible to acknowledge degrees in the
scientific disciplines of those fields of study which are also part
of the teacher training programmes. This also applies to a
Master’s degree in an additional pedagogical/didactic or
pedagogical-psychological or pedagogical-sociological
orientated study programme. Individual cases need to be
examined. Applicants may submit motivation letters.
It is highly recommended that applicants do not enrol in the
Teacher training doctoral programme without having a supervisor!
· Curriculum
Language of instruction German Proof of language proficiency
Dates and Deadlines
· The dates and deadlines change every semester.
· The current deadlines and dates can be found here.
Information for studentsSchool of Education

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What will I learn?
The research topics of subject didactics and education sciences orientated towards the professional field of schools are the teaching and learning of the knowledge, ways of thinking, methods and skills of a subject and the theoretical and empirical discussions of the topics of educational research. This doctoral programme trains doctoral students to conduct autonomous academic research in the field of subject didactics as well as in the applied and fundamental questions of educational research. It also aims at promoting young academic talents. Graduates will be able to …: a) … reflect upon the central subject-didactic, applied and fundamental contents, theories, perspectives and fields of application of educational research, and also to conduct research according to relevant academic knowledge; b) … examine processes of teaching and learning by considering relevant theoretical knowledge and to state adequate research questions; c) … work with current problems of theory building and empirical research in the fields of subject didactics and applied educational research; d) … create research designs taking into consideration relevant fields of research such as, for example, diagnosis and promotion, heterogeneity, differentiation, and the specificities of different target groups; e) … create scientific publications on an internationally relevant level.


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