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Course Duration / ECTS4 Semesters / 120 ECTS
University degreeMaster of Arts (MA)
FacultyFaculty of Cultural and Social Sciences
DepartmentGerman Studies
Study IDD 066 817
Admission RequirementsStudents must hold a Bachelor’s degree in German Studies
or a related field from another accredited inland or
international institution of higher education.
Language of instruction German  Proof of language proficiency

What will I learn?

Graduates will be able to survey the fields of German Studies systematically, to reflect them in terms of academic and professional aspects, and to develop and apply them independently. Furthermore, graduates will be qualified to analyse and use the German language in all its dimensions of production and reception. They will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of German literature (both in its historic and contemporary manifestations) and the categories, methods and theories of its academic interpretation. They are able to work on and depict subject-specific problems. By dealing with language and literature scientifically and academically, students will gain insight into cultural, social and political developmental processes, learn to reflect critically, and acquire a refined knowledge of cultural phenomena, characteristics and processes of distinction.

Which career opportunities do I have?

The MA course in German Studies at the University of Salzburg offers students a profound education in the arts and humanities. Graduates are qualified to work in the fields of culture management, publishing, and dramaturgy. Further possible occupations for graduates include PR, media and library work, communication trainings, technical editing, but also in various other fields of economy. A specialization in “German as a Second or Foreign Language” qualifies graduates for teaching German and German culture to non-native speakers at home and abroad. Moreover, it allows students to apply for the position of a ‘Lektor’ teaching German at foreign universities (e.g., via the OeAD). It is also possible for particularly qualified graduates to contribute to research projects in German studies and/or to embark on an academic career.

Why Salzburg?

The department of German Studies at the University of Salzburg offers students a relatively small department, teaching that is based on academic criteria, an internationally networked faculty enjoying an excellent reputation, as well as a very good student-to-staff ratio. Besides topics and research paradigms of international relevance in the fields of linguistics and literary studies, research and teaching focuses lie in the area of Austrian Literature and the role of the German language in Austria. The department of German Studies is very well networked both nationally and internationally, which allows students to study abroad (this includes German-speaking countries). It is also possible for students to contribute to the department’s research and teaching activities through teaching assistances, tutorials, project work, etc.

How is the course structured?

German Studies MA
Basic Module 1: one of the three sub-disciplines (Old German Language
and Literature, Modern German Literature, German Language)
Basic Module 2: one of the three sub-disciplines that has not been
chosen for Basic Module 1
Basic Module 3: one of the three sub-disciplines16 ECTS
Optional module specialization18 ECTS
Optional subjects24 ECTS
MA seminar4 ECTS
Master’s thesis20 ECTS
MA examination6 ECTS
Total120 ECTS


Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Peter Mauser

Assoz. Prof. Dr. Armin Eidherr
Head of the curriculum committee German Studies

Erzabt-Klotz-Straße 1, 5020 Salzburg
Tel.: +43 662 8044-4396