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Course Duration/ ECTS4 semesters / 120 ECTS
University degreeMaster of Arts (MA)
Admission Requirements
and Curriculum
· A BA degree in Slavonic Studies or in a
related field (i.e., a BA, diploma or BEd in literary studies
or a philological course).
· Curriculum
Language of instruction GermanProof of language proficiency
Dates and Deadlines· The dates and deadlines change every semester.
· The current deadlines and dates can be found here.
Information on the department
and departmental student representatives
Department of Slavonic Studies

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What will I learn?
The MA course in Literary and Cultural Studies is a joint study offered by the departments of English and American Studies, German Studies, Classical Philology, Romance Studies, Slavonic Studies and the Schwerpunkt Wissenschaft & Kunst (Centre for Arts and Humanities). In the general module of the degree course, interdisciplinary questions will be posed from a comparative perspective and theoretical as well as practical networking elements will be offered. In their specialization module, students acquire a profound knowledge of one or several literatures on the basis of an excellent linguistic education in one or more chosen target languages. In the degree course specializing in Slavonic Studies, students learn to deal with language, text, media and communication in a methodically profound way. It is an education closely related with research, but also opens up new professional perspectives by its courses geared to practical experience.

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What makes Salzburg so special as a place to study?
The University of Salzburg is the only university in Austria which offers an interdisciplinary joint study MA degree course in Slavonic Studies with a share in general literary and cultural studies and a work placement. The Slavonic modules of the course especially consider the research focuses at the department of Slavonic Studies in Salzburg, i.e. narratology, literature and politics, cultural transfer and literature in the context of migration.

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Which career opportunities do I have?
Graduates of the MA degree course in Literary and Cultural Studies with a specialization in Slavonic Studies have a good command of at least two Slavonic languages and a solid knowledge of the literatures and cultures of the Slavonic countries. Furthermore, they are skilled to use the techniques and methods of literary and cultural studies and are able to critically engage with the social environment of Slavonic countries. Graduates may embark on an academic career and enrol on a PhD course in Slavonic Studies, but are also qualified to pursue a career in the cultural sector, media houses, publishing companies, and adult education, or in international enterprises working with Eastern European countries.


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Mag. Susanne Behensky
Department of Slavonic Studies

Erzabt-Klotz-Str. 1, 5020 Salzburg

Tel.: +43 662 8044-4512

Photographs: © Luigi Caputo (1-3)