Integrative measures for systematic exploration and usage of deep geothermal energy within the Vienna Basin
Salcher, Bernhard (Projektleitung)
GeoTief EXPLORE (3D) – Erosional history of the Vienna Basin   The FFG joint project GeoTief EXPLORE (3D) led by WienEnergie aims to expand the knowledge about the geothermal reservoir qualities in the Vienna basin by collecting, evaluating and preparing geophysical and seismic data. Institutions involved are: AIT, GBA, OMV, RAG, Univ. Vienna, Univ. Salzburg, Heinemann Oil, MUL, GFZ, Geo5, ZAMG. In the framework of the project the Univ. of Salzburg and MUL (Montanuniversität Leoben) investigate the Late Cenozoic erosional history of the Vienna Basin and adjacent alpine units. Investigations aim to quantify the magnitude of erosion since the onset of Vienna Basin formation to better account for the risks of misinterpretation when comparing tectonic units in and outside the basin. Methods mainly involve (U-Th)/He dating and vitrinite reflectance analysis at outcrops and borehole samples. 
Main person involved: Bianca Heberer, Postdoc (Univ. Salzburg;
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 Fig.1: Sandstones, Kahlenberg FM, Rhenodanubian flysch
Barrierefreiheit: Kurzbeschreibung des Bildes
Fig.2. Sandstones of rock sample from a depth of more than 3000 m, Lunz Fm, Vienna Basin